Kokku 24 taotlust (18 arendus- ja 5 tootmistaotlust ning 1 II etapi taotlust), EFSilt taotletakse 316 418 eurot. Raha on jagada jäänud 294 830 eurot.
Otsused tehakse hiljemalt 9. juuniks 2014.  Järgmine taotlusvoor on 8. septembril 2014

1. “Briljantne Jüri Sillart“

Särav ekspressionist raudse eesriide taga

Kestus: 52 min

Filmitootmisettevõte: Acuba Film
Produtsent: Arko Okk
Režissöör: Julia Sillart
Stsenarist: Julia Sillart

Tootmisperiood: aprill - november 2014
Esituskoopia valmimine: kevad 2015

Eelarve: 85 065
EFIlt tootmistoetuseks: 45 000
EFIlt varem saadud arendustoetus: -

2. “Hei, Rasma!“

Eesti kultuurilooline dokumentaalfilm Eesti põhjaranniku rannakülade elanikest ja Läti aurikuga „Rasma“ seotud folkloorist.

Kestus: 52 min

Filmitootmisettevõte: Acuba Film
Produtsent: Arko Okk
Rezhissöör: Laila Pakalnina
Stsenarist: Laila Pakalnina

Tootmisperiood: jaanuar 2011 – november 2014
Esituskoopia valmimine: detsember 2014

Eelarve: 103 461
EFIlt tootmistoetuseks: 40 000
EFIlt varem saadud arendustoetus: -

3. “Lumi punasel lagedal“

Iga globaalne ehitis rajatakse väikeste inimeste kulul.

Kestus: 60 min

Filmitootmisettevõte: Amrion
Produtsent: Riina Sildos
Rezhissöör: Aljona Surzhikova
Stsenarist: Aljona Surzhikova

Tootmisperiood: september 2013 – oktoober 2015
Esituskoopia valmimine: mai 2014

Eelarve: 185 007
EFIlt tootmistoetuseks: 37 218
EFIlt varem saadud arendustoetus: 12 782

4. “Maa“

Alakbari pereliikmed otsustavad oma unistuste elluviimiseks suvilamaa maha müüa. Maa, mis on neid enne koos hoidnud, võib nüüd pere lahku ajada.

Kestus: 80 min
Filmitootmisettevõte: Kinky King Productions
Produtsent: Liina Paakspuu
Režissöör: Alakbar Aliyev
Stsenarist: Liina Paakspuu

Tootmisperiood: juuli 2014 – mai 2015
Esituskoopia valmimine: mai 2015

Eelarve: 158 777
EFIlt tootmistoetuseks: 25 000
EFIlt varem saadud arendustoetus: 3 000

5. “Tuhamäed“

Kohtla-Järve on mõttetu pommiauk. Kuid kas ikka on? Võttes aluseks autori isikliku suhte kodulinnaga, piilub film erinevate kohalike tegelaste abil selle salapärase “Teise Eesti” pinna alla, mille ilu ja omapära kipume tihtipeale unustama.

Kestus: 80 min

Filmitootmisettevõte: Film Tower
Produtsent: Margus Õunapuu
Režissöör: Ivar Murd
Stsenaristid: Ivar Murd, Madis Luik

Tootmisperiood: juuni - oktoober 2014
Esituskoopia valmimine: kevad 2015

Eelarve: 66 112
EFIlt tootmistoetuseks: 26 200
EFIlt varem saadud arendustoetus: 5 000

EFS ei toimeta koduleheküljel avaldatavaid filmitootmisettevõtjate esitatud materjale. Kõik õigused kuuluvad toetustaotluse esitajale.



Data rooms and The Prospect of Mergers and Acquisitions

With the second half of the 1990s, the marketplace changed the format considerably. If stableness, economy and compactness were the features in the 80s, entrepreneurs and creditors have been completely interested in the scope and valuation for more than 10 years.

Their particular and mini-firms are not only focused entirely on the status of brands, but at the sliding of persistent solid competitors. Naturally , the real teams leaders expect a unique moment each time a competitor is at a vulnerable position. In addition to the existing period it is important to not remove an opponent, but to get in touch with him, continue the activity, but with more functions.

Immediately, merging and unjust minds are characterized by a special peculiarity.

In the enterprise, mergers and acquisitions include similar principles to each other, although mergers of companies vary according to the basic principle of relationship.

If there was clearly a merger, then it may be the reorganization where 2 or maybe more companies are blended. Absorption - forced type of merger, even more precisely: the union takes place through the acquiring another business.

The general intent of business mergers and acquisitions is synergy, specifically: the material perspective for the two companies throughout the combined attempts.

Depending on the creation of large organizations, but also the appearance of overseas leaders inside the domestic industry, competition in lots of industries has increased significantly. Within such conditions, small businesses begin to understand that they are really already not able to compete efficiently in the marketplace. From this situation, you’re able to send management contains several alternatives: financing the development through the interest of purchase funds for going to a brand new level that permits it to compete with globe leaders or perhaps sell the organization and further develop the company within just one significant holding organization.

On the one hand, small businesses understands that it will not survive by itself and tries to find out who may be interested in applying for such a corporation and is prepared to provide appropriate terms, just like in the analysis and in terms of keeping a profile and employees is usually absorbed.

In order to start transactions with a potential absorber, the shareholders do the evaluation with their business themselves. It has to be mentioned that private equity cash rate the companies whose stocks and shares are supposed to expend. The problem, however , is that typically shareholders tend not to even largely present the significance of their organization and are coping with proposal for the sale where the price is far from fair.

In addition there are many more hard moments awaiting participants in mergers and acquisitions. Concluding such transactions is an extremely struggle: either aspect can succeed, the transaction carried out by professionals, or get rid of excess due to inexperience.

To ensure that the mergers and acquisitions on the company is correct, the use of the offerings of is offered.

With virtual data room for mergers and acquisitions, customers can slightly access, discuss, and down load documents and files. Users can control access to data and give people who need it 24/7 access. You need to access to valuable data just like document activity, user activity, and client interaction.

Modern day virtual data rooms provide more than just protected online safe-keeping. The virtual deal rooms presents M&A groups an innovative program in a modern and successful company.

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