Creative Europe is a program called to life by the European Commission, cut to help develop the pan-European network of Cultural and Audiovisual product, and making it easier for films and creative people to travel and cross borders. Culture and MEDIA subprograms are united under the Creative Europe umbrella.

MEDIA was founded in 1991 and its mission is to mediate the European Union support funds to the local film industries. The abbreviation MEDIA comes from the phrase Measures pour Encourager Development de l’Industrie Audiovisuelle – the measures to encourage the development of the audiovisual industry. Today, MEDIA has retained two major support types: the development of the film projects and the distribution of finalized films. The production support is left to the expertise of the national film funds.

There are support schemes available for organizing film festivals and film markets, also for educational events. 2014 sees the new type of support for the projects of engaging new audiences and the development of video games.

Creative Europe MEDIA and Culture contact points are available in each member country, making available information about the whole program and the application opportunities, offering help with applying when necessary.