New financial incentive called Film Estonia is being introduced in Estonia
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In 2016 the Estonian Film Institute opened a new programme that aims to encourage better cooperation between local and foreign film producers to shoot films in the Estonian soil. The main objective of the programme is to attract foreign capital into Estonian economy, as well as create a positive and friendly environment for producing films.
The neighbouring countries in the regions have different incentives and Estonia wants to boost more its film economy in the future. Country has all the prerequisites to succeed - past experiences and present accomplishments, high-tech society and passion for new technologies, non-bureaucratic approach and trained people.
Estonian Film Institute has already a co-production fund but additional incentive will make it much easier to develop the film business, keep Estonia as a location attractive and benefit also local filmmakers who want to stay working in the competitive film industry. In greater perceptive, this initiative will lift the level of Estonian national films - more skills and contacts Estonians gains, better films will be produced.
The new scheme has easy access and fast procedure -  the support will be given to foreign film companies who want to use Estonia as a location for their production.  Support can be applied for full-length feature films, high-end TV series, animation and animation series, documentaries and post-production services.
The amount of aid is calculated as a percentage of the costs done in Estonia (up to 30%) and paid out retrospectively after all the expenses are audited. The maximum grant can be applied if the film production uses Estonian based filmmakers, actors and other production crew. It can also be applied if the story is Estonian or|and set in Estonia.
The success of the programme will be judged by its impact on Estonian film industry. However, there will be other measurable results expected for beneficiaries outside of the scope of film production including accommodation providers, transportation companies, catering, and other service providers. Indirect influences are expected in the tourism sector.

In 2017 a total of 1,000,000 euros has been allocated to the programme.