Film-related research work and digitalizing

Film-related research work and digitalizing support shall be allocated for:
a) research and scientific work on cinematography and Estonian film history;
b) preparing and publishing a film-related research article, printed material, educational material, a database or another publication;
c) digitalization and restoration of professionally produced films that are relevant to the Estonian film and cultural history, except films produced by Tallinnfilm and its predecessors.
Film-related research work and digitalizing support can be applied for by legal entities . The applicant has to be entered in the Estonian Business Register before the payment is made


Eurimages supports Estonian films with 622,000 euros

Eurimages supported three Estonian films at their June 2021 meeting. Director Rainer Sarnet’s The Invisible Fight received 360,000 euros, while Triin Ruumet’s Dark Paradise received 150,000 euros and a Lithuanian-Estonian-Bulgarian documentary coproduction Irena received 112,000 euros.