The winners of the Estonia 100 documentary competition are „Land Shaped by Winds“ and „Roots“

The winner of the feature documentary competition is “Land Shaped by Winds”, directed by Joosep Matjus. This epic and aesthetic movie narrated in contemporary film language captivates the beauty of Estonia and the core values of life and should be produced by using the best, modern, special technology. “I want this film to create a rustic-poetic condition, which enables us to travel in time from the ice age to this day and feel the connections between the way we have influenced nature and how nature has shaped us. The main themes of the film include various natural environments and the coming of age of an elk calf. Elk calves who are extremely curious and moving animals are ideally suited as guides through the species richness of Estonian landscapes,” director Joosep Matjus commented on the film.
Production company: Wildkino
Director: Joosep Matjus
DOP: Joosep Matjus, Atte Henriksson
Producer: Riho Västrik
Length: 52 min.
Budget: 210,000.-
EFI support: 121,000.-
To be released: September 2018

The winner of the short documentaries’ competition is “Roots”, completed as a joint work of Estonian female directors. The project consists of six stories with a personal touch, speaking frankly and boldly of birth and death, of being alone and together, of great joy and devastating grief. The directors with different backgrounds and life experiences whose roots are not limited to Estonia, have all made powerful films. “Roots” stands out for its genuine feminine power, but at the same time, it speaks in a sensitive tone. These are stories that could touch the viewers and most certainly, it is a special opportunity to bring together different generations of female documentary filmmakers. 
Production company: Silmviburlane
Directors: Nora Särak, Aljona Suržikova, Heilika Pikkov, Anna Hints, Moonika Siimets, Liina Trishkina-Vanhatalo, Kersti Uibo
Producer: Ülo Pikkov
Length: 90 min.
Budget: 148,000.-
EFI support: 131,000.-
To be released: January 2018